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Jill Thompson, PT


Jill Thompson, the founder of PT180, has been practicing physical therapy since graduating from the University of Wisconsin: Lacrosse in l981. She has focused her post graduate education on manual therapy and functional orthopedics. She studied under Greg Johnson, PT with the Institute of Physical Art and was an instructor for the Institute for Functional Orthopedics and Back Education and Training from 1986-1992.

Jill has practiced in Boise since 1993, working with the staff at the Therapy Source before venturing on her own to create PT180 (then Jill Thompson Physical Therapy) in 2002. Her eclectic style combines manual therapy (hands-on osteopathic myofascial and joint mobilization treatment influenced by the Rolfing technique and Jones strain/counter strain technique) with neuromuscular re-education (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Aston Patterning, and Feldenkrais). She has also received training in cranial/sacral treatment and TMJ (temporal-mandible joint) dysfunction. 

Jill is no longer taking patients to focus on her health, but still involved in the life of PT180.

Paula Kosberg, PT, DPT


Boise native Paula Kosberg has been successfully treating patients in our clinic since 2011. An honors graduate of Idaho State University, she blends manual therapy, movement analysis, and holistic health care to help patients reach their optimal potential. Her background in yoga and pilates combined with a keen interest in holistic health care and a kind, gentle nature encourages her patients to succeed by meeting them where they are at and guiding them towards their goals.

Paula has had specialized training in manual therapy techniques and treats a variety of conditions including lumbopelvic pain, cervical and lower back pain, shoulder pain, and overall balance and mobility impairments. She is a Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) therapy practitioner – see our Healing Services page for more information on FSM. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and their cat, 2 dogs, 20 bunnies, and 15 chickens.

Taylor Williams, PT, DPT


Taylor was born and raised in Boise where he graduated from Timberline High School and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology – Exercise Science from Boise State University in 2016. Taylor spent 4 years in Southeastern Idaho before returning to the Treasure Valley to be closer to family. He attended Idaho State University in Pocatello, where he graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May of 2020. Taylor spent the next year in Idaho Falls working at an outpatient orthopedic clinic specializing in sports injuries. 

Growing up, Taylor was involved in several team sports but found his passion in track and field as a varsity pole-vaulter. He developed his interest in athletic injuries and rehabilitation while a student athletic trainer in high school. This interest grew throughout his college and professional career and Taylor provides therapy services to patients of all ages, activity levels, and backgrounds. His areas of expertise include musculoskeletal injuries affecting the extremities and the spine, SI (sacroiliac) dysfunction, sports-related injuries, post-operative management, and movement dysfunctions. He employs a blend of manual and exercise-based PT that achieves excellent results.

Taylor enjoys everything outdoors and his favorite hobbies include paddle-boarding, boating, wake-surfing, snowboarding, travel, and spending time with his family and friends.

Sebastian Saur, PT, DPT


As a native of Indiana, Sebastian was drawn to the Pacific Northwest by the natural beauty found in this region of the country. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon before moving to Boise in 2018.

Sebastian is a lifelong athlete and has competed in lacrosse, rugby, and wrestling. His current athletic endeavors are focused on outdoor sports such as climbing, ultimate frisbee, running, mountain biking, and skiing. Through these experiences he has developed a passion for human movement, rehabilitation, and performance. With specialized educational and internship training, Sebastian has developed a strong skill set in therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, patient education, movement observation and coaching, as well as strength and conditioning.

Sebastian aims to develop a therapeutic alliance with his patients by understanding their rehabilitation goals, educating them on their rehabilitation needs, and empowering them to enjoy movement. Under his care, patients will experience an individualized approach that serves to heal them from their injuries as well as develop new movement skills that help prevent injury recurrence. 

Austin Adams, PT, DPT


Raised in Boise, Austin first became interested in Physical Therapy while completing his degree in Kinesiology at Boise State University in 2016. He went on to graduate from Idaho State’s Physical Therapy program in 2020. Initially, Austin was most passionate about vestibular therapy, which is a branch of PT working with patients experiencing dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance. Austin has had several clinical experiences in vestibular settings and continues to treat patients with dizziness and imbalance.

Austin’s clinical experience since graduation has focused on using a combination of manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to treat pain and movement dysfunction. He has experience treating patients with a wide variety of diagnoses including post-operative management, chronic pain, and work-related injury. He is also certified in dry needling. In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and live music.

Betsy DeGrandi, LAc, Ms


Betsy received her undergraduate degree from The University of Missouri in Biology and her Master’s degree from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Post-graduate work included training with Orthopedic Doctors at the Rimac Training Center for Athletes in Motor Point Acupuncture Techniques at UCSD. She has over 25 years of experience, and has worked in integrative medical clinics and chronic pain clinics. Her expertise is in blending western with eastern medicine to facilitate the body to heal itself. She has worked with patients that have complex pain patterns, auto-immune symptoms, athletic injuries, post surgical healing, and scar tissue restrictions/pain. She can accept motor vehicle accident, worker’s compensation, and some health insurance patients. Betsy also treats many V.A. patients on an outpatient basis at PT180 for pain, as well as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. She is a competitive runner and enjoys staying fit and active in the great outdoors.

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