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In April of 2018, I had an anterior cervical discectomy fusion C5-C7 to fix a compressed spinal cord. When I woke from the surgery, my right deltoid was not working and I could not lift my right arm off of my body.

When I started Physical Therapy I didn't know what to expect. My arm was coming back slowly and was very weak. I had a great experience working with Esther Winn, DPT. I would give Esther 10 out of 10 stars for her work ethic and dedication to seeing that my issue improved. She was always on task and never ceased to give her all. She is caring, personal and tenacious. I will highly recommend Esther to everyone I know that needs help!

Daniel Silver

When I came in, I was having bad chest and back pain. Heather was amazing. Her expertise and the plan she put in place really helped make things better. She is amazing. I highly recommend as I am now pain-free.


Thank you Heather! Your help has been wonderful! I was in considerable pain when we started as you know – and today I am pain free! Your exercises have helped restore my life- I don’t know what I did to cause my back problem; but, I know you solved my pain problem! The exercises you taught me will help me for the rest of my life and I will recommend you to any of my friends who need back help! Again many thanks Heather!


Due to various sports injuries that had gone untreated for several years, I had reached a point of constant pain. A friend recommended I see Jill for some hands on physical therapy. Jill and her staff have changed my life! I can once again perform the activities that I enjoy. A visit to PT180 is a soothing experience that I always look forward to. Thank you!


I am profoundly grateful for the physical therapy I have received at PT 180/Jill Thompson Physical Therapy. I literally could not imagine more kind, gentle, or effective therapy for my occasional severe muscle spasms or misaligned joints. These deeply compassionate, experiences therapists are obviously experts in human anatomy and they know how to carefully get to the root cause of the injury, relieve pain and restore function. Their gentle, professional confidence inspires my trusting cooperation in the healing process. Their prescribed therapeutic exercises have proved extremely effective at facilitating healing and preventing future impairment. As a bonus, they are very, very nice people. What more could you ask?

Gaylee Greer

When I came to PT 180 a few months ago with so much back pain I could hardly walk or stand. After working with Paula, my pain decreased dramatically. She was able to guide me in some core strengthening exercises and I could carry on at home to increase deep muscle strength. Paula also noticed other contributors and helped me to notice and strengthen those areas and now I live pain free.


I drive 50 miles round trip from Nampa for my visits to PT 180. I would drive 100! Jill Thompson helps me manage my pain in a way that no other physical therapist has. Additional staff here at PT 180 are also incredible.

Is it convenient to get here from Nampa? No. Is it worth it? YES! Every mile, every minute!


I have been seeing Jill for over 2 years, and I could not have made it through that time as well as I have without Jill’s skilled and experienced touch. I work as a massage therapist and often work quite deeply on my clients. I end up with shoulder, elbow and wrist joints that are somewhat locked up. Seeing Jill every other week has allowed me to free up those joints, and, in fact, whole areas of my body, so that I can work with more ease and less pain. Her work has also allowed me to stay active in the sports that I love, well into my 60’s. Thank you, Jill, so much.


PT 180 is unlike any other clinic I have been to. The therapy is individualized according to your specific needs. The exercises have helped tremendously, but even more the correcting of my gait and movement has been a real eye opener. I wish I had come here sooner but am so excited about overcoming chronic hip and SI pain. My progress has been steady and am now able to walk without pain. I love that they have classes offered here and plan on taking just about all of them.


I have been the recipient of many sports & activity stresses on my body and over the years have visited many chiropractors and pt offices searching for pain relief and healing.For the first time in many years I was completely pain free with good range of motion after several months of treatment. I stayed this way for over 1 year until I was struck from behind in a motor vehicle accident; I knew right where to go and I am on my way back thanks again to PT 180.


Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I think of you often and all the things you taught me. I am very grateful for my improved health and good share of that is due to you. I know it’s been a few years but I wanted to say thanks and let you know the way you touch people’s lives has a lasting impact. Best wishes.


You rock! It is great to walk into work and not limp or have to favor my leg. I’m doing my exercises, so I want you to know I was paying attention.


For several months, I tried many options in order to gain some relief from excruciating nerve pain and muscle weakness. Three physical therapists in another clinic worked with me, mostly assigning exercises then passively observing (and sometimes not really paying much attention) while I executed them. They also relied on the application of ultrasound and electrical stimulation, then sent me home until the next scheduled visit. My pain and discomfort continued with little relief. My limited experience with physical therapy provided no basis to expect anything more, and my surgeon thought we may have to consider surgery (again). Then, a friend recommended I try massage therapy. For my entire adult life I had always considered massage just a touchy feely form of self-indulgence, but my discomfort motivated me to try it. I found three excellent medical massage therapists, one (and then another) associated with PT 180 in Boise. On their advice, I had my first appointment with Jill Thompson, PT and owner of PT 180. After a thorough and respectful professional examination, Jill assured me there was hope! We began an intensive regimen of physical therapy and massage therapy, supplemented with some acupuncture, integrative manual therapy, and posture and core conditioning. When we started, the therapists could barely touch me without causing intense pain and discomfort. In less than two months and five treatments (the number Jill told me would be necessary to attain real improvements) I was moving well and confidently going about my daily activities much more easily. I continued to improve with a less intensive schedule of physical therapy with Jill and massage therapy with Kathryn Williams, LMT. I now feel better than I have in two decades (and without surgery!). The PT 180 physical and massage therapists have helped me turn my life around and regain the joys of full range of motion and activity! By the way, I rarely put much credence in testimonials such as this one, because I always figured they were exaggerated and self-serving. Not this one. In my experience, the professionals at PT 180 are as good as it gets!


I have been a patient at PT 180 for several months after being referred by a friend who had success – through acupuncture – for insomnia. My issue was not insomnia but, instead, a shoulder injury and I was in the midst of an ongoing personal battle to avoid potential surgery on that arm. Betsy Wiss was the first specialist I worked with and she was a delight. she explained that we could try four sessions with acupuncture and if that didn’t prove to be successful, she would then conference with a physical therapist who could take it from there. I was immediately at ease knowing that whatever I was going to require for successful healing lay somewhere in the midst of all those PT 180 specialists/therapists!

I had my first physical therapy treatment with you, with Heather Lowe observing since she was new at the time. I knew immediately that I was in the right place! Heather took over my case and she has been incredible! (I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff which ultimately required surgery, primarily on the bicep tendon and the labrum, so I worked with Heather earlier to prepare for that surgery and presently to rehabilitate it). I have been overwhelmingly impressed with PT 180 for a number of reasons (which will follow) and begged my husband to try PT 180 for therapy on his knees and hips. He had two knee replacements and a hip replacement all within 12 months and was still experiencing pain a year later. He has alos worked with Heather (and Paula) and is getting great relief from therapy sessions and prescribed exercises. Needless to say, we are BIG fans and promoters of PT 180!! Here are just a few of the reasons why: The specialists at PT 180 really listen, rather than simply honor a therapy prescription. Example: on several occasions, other parts of my body have caused me much greater stress/discomfort as a result of over-compensation (protecting my shoulder), falling asleep in an awkward position, etc. Instead of insisting on a sole focus on my shoulder, Heather recognized the need to “undo” whatever was causing my pain and gave her primary attention to that issue, which ultimately relieved my pain and allowed me to go back to concentrating on my shoulder exercises; The specialists at PT 180 have a much stronger emphasis on soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release (Functional Manual Therapy), which seems paramount to getting to the core of the problem, creating a “level playing field” for the facilitation of therapy, AND eliminating post-therapy pain that might be debilitating. Most physical therapy clinics seem to have a greater focus on machinery and exercise repetition with minimal attention placed on locating those trigger points that can impede overall PT progress. Instead of dreading physical therapy, we find ourselves enthusiastic about going because we always feel better afterwards, and that is awesome!!!; and PT 180’s private rooms provide an atmosphere that fosters 1:1 patient/therapist interaction. I have personally appreciated the quiet that promotes concentration on the therapy itself and, conversely, the opportunity to visit with my therapist. While not everyone wants to understand the mechanics of therapy or the PT 180 “concept of the human body as an interconnected dynamic system,” I do. Private time with a PT 180 specialist becomes more important when the specialist is allowed the opportunity to be fully invested in each individual patient, without external interruption. That you for recognizing that!

Jill, as you probably know, there are clinics that offer incentives for patient referrals. Freedom Health Center, for example, offers a $50 restaurant gift certificate for each new patient referral. I am happy to promote PT 180 purely because I believe in your philosophy and your staff. I do, however have a suggestion for a referral incentive program based on all you have to offer.

Please forgive me for the length of this letter but we are really excited about PT 180 and would like to see others benefit from your exceptional philosophy and staff.


I injured my shoulder weeding the yard. I figured the pain would go away, but it didn’t. Pure luck landed me in Jill Thompson’s PT 180° office within a few minutes, I knew Jill was someone I could trust.

She anticipated three sessions to fix me up. It took two. As is so often the case with injuries of these sorts, what appeared to be caused by an event, in this case weeding, was actually caused by long term positioning habits. Yet, even with years of habits to counter, my shoulder healed and, a year later, remains healed. Jill Thompson is honest, enthusiastic, skilled and considerate. I highly recommend her.

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